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We are Paym8.

for payments, collections and mobile commerce

PAYM8 was founded in 2001 and since then we have expanded our footprint across the African continent. Today the business processes over approximately R3 billion in annual transaction value for our clients. To date, we are one of the few payment solution providers in Africa capable of offering a single offering to merchants spanning both payer and payee-initiated payments. 

In addition to our commercial offerings, we continue to develop and manage bespoke payment solutions, including Mascom 109, the first mobile top-up service of its kind on the African continent. Innovations include PAYM8’s Ezzi2Pay mobile payment solution that uses Global messaging platforms (including WhatsApp) to facilitate secure card payments anywhere and at any time. 

Our understanding of the rapidly changing payments landscape has allowed us to remain a step-ahead in transaction interoperability, machine learning and business-driven processes, allowing us to offer our clients best of breed payment solutions.