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Technology and Financial gateway services for payments, collections, and mobile commerce.

We are PAYM8

Since our inception in 2001, we’ve evolved our business according to the financial and technological expectations of our client base. This includes filling the gap in the local market for a skilled merchant-specific aggregator of payment solutions.  To date we are one of the few payment solution providers in Africa capable of offering a single offering to merchants that spans both payer and payee-initiated payments.

Our products include PAYM8 Collect (Collections), PAYM8 Digital Payments and PAYM8 AXIS.  We also develop and manage bespoke payment solutions, including the likes of Mascom 109.

We are based in Johannesburg and presently operate across South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia.

“Not only has PAYM8 been attentive to our needs and sensitive to our strategy, but they have also provided creative input, support and ideas to improve our processes.”

We are committed to seeing our customers thrive

The mindset of ‘what do our clients need to really thrive’ has powered much of our product development. We work tirelessly to keep our solutions as relevant and as responsive as possible and develop products that will deliver real value.

It’s also behind our commitment to nurture lasting relationships through on-going client support, training, and consulting services.

We are committed to using technology to create opportunities for our clients to do business better

State-of-the-art technology in Visa and PCI certified environments enables us to provide access to a number of platforms. We bundle corresponding application and product expertise with these platforms for an aggregated payment stack which supports a variety of transaction and payment channel alternatives – simply and securely.

We are future-focused

Eyes on the horizon means we can help anticipate what will keep our clients that crucial step ahead. For PAYM8, transaction interoperability, machine-learning, and business-driven processes are already very much a reality and are changing the way payments are done. We were among the first to use them in the payments space.

When it became clear that multi-payment channels would become a commodity, PAYM8 developed PAYM8 AXIS – an intelligent platform transferring control of the payments journey to our customers and unlocking the kind of intelligence they never knew existed.

When the internet of things made it possible to turn pay points into data points, we found ways to harness these for our customers.

And we’re nowhere near done.

PAYM8 Partner Program

We are always eager to welcome new business partners, affiliates, and resellers. Partnerships are a valuable part of our sales distribution strategy and our objective is to nurture the kind of relationships that encourage mutual growth. We also believe the most successful partnerships are simple and straightforward.

Over and above access to our platforms and solutions, our Partner Program includes:

  • Sales enablement and support

  • Payment solutions and product training

  • Marketing material

  • Competitive pricing

  • 24 x 7 operational support

  • Revenue sharing

PAYM8 Partners


Regulatory Bodies

As a systems operator and third-party payments processor, PAYM8 cannot stress enough the importance of regulatory and security bodies in ensuring the wellbeing of all payment system users. The following bodies are not only responsible for the regulation of the National Payments System, but also continuously strive to ensure safe, effective and efficient payment processing.