As the world of e-commerce and digital transactions continues to evolve, businesses require robust and reliable payment platforms that offer an array of solutions while ensuring data security. PAYM8’s intelligent payments platform, AXIS, is designed to cater to the needs of both existing merchants and third-party businesses wanting to manage their own payments whilst providing unparalleled control over the payment journey through a single but powerful integrated platform.

The PAYM8 AXIS advantage

With development beginning in 2016, AXIS now offers a one-stop managed alternatively self-managed solution for collections, digital commerce, mobile payments, and card transactions. Instead of merchants having to manage multiple integrations, PAYM8 AXIS streamlines the process by providing access to numerous payment channels, products, and solutions, covering both debit pull and credit push paradigms.

More features, more convenience

One of the standout aspects of the AXIS platform is its modular design architecture, which allows for flexibility and scalability as your business needs evolve. Security is a top priority, with advanced fraud and risk mitigation measures in place to keep your transactions safe. Integrating AXIS into your existing systems is a breeze, thanks to user-friendly APIs that are both simple and technically stable.

The platform also supports a variety of alternative payment channels, making transactions more convenient for businesses and customers alike. AXIS provides access to the National Payments System (NPS) in multiple countries, enabling seamless single or multi-bank transactions across various channels. In terms of data security, the platform has maintained PCI DSS Level 1 certification since 2010, ensuring that your customers’ information always remains protected.

Tech-driven payment optimisation

What sets AXIS apart is its integration of AI and machine learning, which optimises payment processes for businesses by making data-driven decisions. Moreover, PAYM8 hosts AXIS centrally, adhering to Software as a Service (SaaS) and Application Service Provision (ASP) principles, and services both local and international territories. To complement the payment process, AXIS offers value-added services such as pin-less airtime, MiBlackBox, and account verification, providing a comprehensive payment solution for merchants and third-party businesses.

PAYM8 AXIS is the cutting-edge payment platform that empowers businesses with a comprehensive suite of payment solutions, ensuring secure, seamless, and efficient transactions. By harnessing the power of transformative technologies, AXIS is ready to revolutionise and simplify the payments journey.