Maximize your payments
with Capitec Pay.

The fast, affordable, and secure solution.

Why choose Capitec Pay?

  • Enjoy daily guaranteed settlements and automatic reconciliations for hassle-free transactions.
  • Rely on top-notch security and fraud prevention protocols developed in collaboration with Capitec.
  • Tap into a vast network of over 19 million Capitec users and expand your customer base.

As an Alternative Payment Collection option

Capitec Pay offers various use cases as an alternative option for payment collections, including:

In case of a failed debit order, clients can receive a Capitec Pay payment link via WhatsApp, SMS or Email, providing them with payment instructions.

Clients can settle their outstanding account balance by receiving a Capitec Payment link via WhatsApp, SMS or Email, that includes their outstanding balance.

Clients can make ad-hoc payments by receiving a Capitec Pay payment link via WhatsApp, SMS or Email, that includes the agreed-upon amount.

Capitec Pay is an alternative payment method that allows customers to make payments for online purchases and collections via the Capitec app. It’s a fast, affordable, and secure solution that offers guaranteed settlements, daily aggregation, and automatic reconciliation.
To use Capitec Pay, customers only need to enter their mobile number in the Capitec app and follow the prompts. The app will guide them through the payment process, and they won’t need to share their banking details.

Yes, Capitec Pay is safe and secure. Capitec has developed advanced security and fraud prevention protocols to protect customers’ personal and financial information.

Capitec Pay is an affordable payment method. The cost depends on the transaction value, and the fees are transparent and upfront.

Yes, you can use Capitec Pay to accept payments for your e-commerce business. It offers a quick and easy way to receive payments, and it also provides access to a large customer base.