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DebiCheck is an industrywide initiative in South Africa that lets consumers approve all new debit orders – once-off and electronically – to prevent incorrect or unauthorised debit orders from coming off the consumers account. It is designed to put consumers in control of their debit orders thereby re-establishing overall trust in the SA banking system, preventing both illegal debits by rouge merchants and cash flow management by consumers.

The development of the DebiCheck transaction has no doubt been a major development in the South African payments industry. The technological advancements have been huge; in fact, a world-first for direct debits, but the process has certainly not been without its challenges! Now that the industry is approaching production ramp-up, PAYM8 wants to ensure that you have a fuss-free implementation and on-boarding experience.

How is DebiCheck going to affect you?

Integrated Merchants

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Merchants using a Third Party Integrator

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Merchants utilising the PAYM8 User Interface

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Are you DebiCheck ready?

PASA has released some vital resources from a consumer and merchant perspective regarding the DebiCheck implementation and impact.

These resources can be accessed on the below links:

DebiCheck decoded

Download more information here.

DebiCheck FAQ’s

Download more information here.

Understanding the DebiCheck process

Download more information here.

We are focused on ensuring the transition to DebiCheck is as seamless and frictionless as possible for your business. PAYM8 will continue to provide you with the technical assistance, educational resources and support to get you DebiCheck ready.

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DebiCheck is happening – PAYM8 will help you get ready!

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