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PAYM8 Implementation and Support

Expert service, training, and support that puts you first and keeps you ahead of the curve.

Payment channels might come standard.  Your business is anything but. 

PAYM8’s expert Support and Merchant Development teams have been created with this in mind.

Payments as as we know them are changing. Collections need to sync with this evolution or run the risk of hindering business growth.  Yet, as payment options continue to multiply, each innovation introduces new fears, frustrations, and risks.  Concerns around information security and compliance complicate already complex decisions.

A large part of our clients’ success – and ours – stems from our ability to anticipate, inform, and advise.   We make sure that at each step along this journey, you have the tools you need to realise your payment and collection goals.  From skills to strategy, we cater for your business’ payment and collection needs.

 Careful consultation up front means we have a handle on your business objectives and milestones, challenges, and opportunities – right from the start.

We’ll help you set business-specific targets and timelines and derive a customised implementation plan that provides a roadmap for your journey.

PAYM8’s Support and Merchant Development team works with your team to achieve targets.

In-depth monthly analyses on transaction data identify trends and opportunities for improvement.

Reports with collections enhancement recommendations are assessed monthly and discussed in an evaluation session – either telephonically or at your offices.

On implementation, PAYM8 offers intensive training and change management within your organisation. This ensures valuable buy in and that the entire value chain within your business understands your payments and collection process.

This ensures valuable buy-in with your entire business understanding your payment and collection processes

With PAYM8 on your side, regulatory compliance has never been easier. Let us guide you through all compliance processes affecting your payment and collection processing.

Regular engagement ensures you remain abreast of the latest industry trends, ongoing compliance requirements and industry regulations.

With unparalleled customer service and support, our customers get the benefit of 24/7 expert consultation.

PAYM8 Developers

Robust, scalable & secure – User friendly solutions make integrations a breeze..

Our API documentation caters for all PAYM8 solutions.

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