Established in 2003 our aim was quite simply to delight our Merchants by offering access to the value offered by our products and services along with guaranteed payments. We believe this objective was achieved and remains the case today.

PAYM8 launched with a continent 1st mobile commerce solution in 2004 which encompassed the Mascom 109 solution. This allowed Mascom consumers to make product purchases using their mobile phones. Secure registration & authentication were the key to the product’s success and this allowed for secure purchases to be made using a Bank card over the phone. The solution runs to this day some 18 years later.

Not long after the implementation of m-commerce / Mascom 109 solution, the Company entered the collections arena. Successful ‘’collections’’ solutions elsewhere in Africa helped with the market feasibility and very soon we had (and still have today) an impressive list of Merchants across a broad spectrum of industries. PAYM8 offers solutions for both the B2B and B2C markets.  Our targeted Merchant sectors include;

  • Micro Finance
  • Retail
  • Insurance
  • EDC (External Debt Collection)
  • The greater Financial services sector &
  • Education… to name but a few

Incorporating an ASP model, the company has been delivering payment functionality and applications securely across the continent since 2004. With solutions that are robust and user friendly, they support general 3rd party integrations including line of business and administration systems.

Our commitment includes enabling businesses to improve on their payment and collection efficiencies. Recognizing the confusion arising from too many payment options, PAYM8 serves in consultation & guidance services offering merchants access to a variety of Debit pull and Credit Push solutions via a single integration. This eliminates the need for multiple integrations and reporting formats whilst still offering a consolidated view.

Being in our 12th year of successful PCI DSS accreditation we are 100% committed to protecting your account and sensitive information.  Our secure environment is backed by the AXIS ‘’intelligent platform’’ which apart from the smart functionality offers full system redundancy and disaster recovery. It goes without saying that our Merchants when using our Solutions get the freedom and peace of mind to focus on their businesses whilst leaving the payment facilitation to us.

PAYM8 is the payments partner of choice, be it in the processing of Collections or on-line payments. The Botswanan payment product suite includes;

  • RTDO (Real Time Debit Orders)

  • Normal Debit Orders
  • Real Time & Recurring Debits against Card (Credit or Debit) &
  • Mobile & electronic Commerce solutions

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Absa Bank Botswana entered into a strategic partnership with PayM8

Gaborone, 09 Thursday 2022 –, Absa Bank Botswana has entered a strategic partnership with PayM8 – a Payment Service Provider (PSP) and Fintech specializing in Financial Collections, Online and Mobile Payment. The partnership was signed on the 09 June 2022 in Gaborone Botswana by the Absa Bank Botswana Acting Managing Director Mr. Krishnan Menon and Managing Director Mr. Andrew Springate Paym8.

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