With a presence in Namibia since 2006 PAYMATE (PAYM8) is, with its proven track record, the partner of choice when it comes to choosing a collections and payments partner.

Understanding the need to simplify payments, PAYM8 launched a suite of Debit Order Collection products enabling our Users whom today, can collect monies in real time across all Banks.

Open and user friendly API’s allow for seamless and stable connectivity ensuring our Merchants can focus on the business of collecting money and processing their payments.

As in the other African countries we operate in, our commitment is to enable businesses to improve on their payment and collection efficiencies. The company recognizes the confusion arising from the multitude of payment products and services and has solved this problem by offering a single integration and a single view to all their products and associated transactions.

PAYM8’s suite of products include Nampay EFT payments comprising:

  • Enhanced EFT debit orders (ENDO )
  • Enhanced EFT credit payments (ENCR)

Being in our 12th year of successful PCI DSS accreditation we are 100% committed to keeping all personal data belonging to our customers secure.

Full system redundancy and disaster recovery give our Merchants the freedom and peace of mind to focus on their business and leave the payment facilitation to us.

16 Years investment in Namibia has made PAYM8 an established participant in the country. The Company’s continued commitment will ensure a transfer of skills, employment and revenue for all Namibians.