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PAYM8 Axis

Improve cash flow by understanding customer behaviour with regards to payments and collections. With PAYM8 AXIS – the intelligent payments platform.

PAYM8 AXIS is an intelligent payments platform which transforms the way payments are performed. Elevating its enterprise offering, PAYM8 uses machine learning and rules-based principles to allow merchants greater control over their payments journey.

PAYM8 AXIS enables access via multiple interfaces to provide the widest array of payment products and channels available. This gives merchants a self-service ability to select transaction types with complete channel interoperability and, as a result of a single instruction, allow the merchant to select events (rules-based) which will occur post certain pre-determined outcomes.

This feature rich platform offers the likes of data mining and the prepopulating of customer information for seamless and smarter solutions.

Embedded communication tools like e-mail and SMS along with other value-added services support both internal and external client communication as well as assist our clients with their loyalty offerings.

Completing the AXIS offering is comprehensive customisable and standard reporting.


  • Fully configurable, PAYM8 AXIS provides the perfect platform to manage and control ALL your transactions from one central point – regardless of payment solution or channel.


  • Automated machine learning builds the logic needed to adapt both the format and route of each payment to the most beneficial method – ensuring the highest chance of success.


  • PAYM8 AXIS’ back office supports daily transaction management. Its data-driven suite of automated tools work in the background to help drive cost reduction and success rates, freeing up your staff to focus on more strategic tasks.

This is where PAYM8’s intelligent payment platform, PAYM8 AXIS steps in to deliver unprecedented value.

Using AI & machine-to-machine learning, PAYM8 AXIS builds the logic you need to design your payment process in a way that allows you to choose the transaction method that is not only the most suitable for your business – but also makes the most economic sense.

Built with the merchant in mind, PAYM8 AXIS supports a complete remit of merchant transaction processes: from collections to digital commerce to daily transaction management in a way that is simple, seamless and frictionless.

The payment platform that delivers today, while preparing for tomorrow.