Payment solutions

The way customers pay shouldn’t affect your revenue – cost-effective solutions no matter what channels you use.

  • Innovative payment system that starts with one question: “What do you want to achieve?”

  • Integrate all your payment products such as collections, digital commerce, mobile payments and card transactions on one platform and have real-time self-service functionality, allowing you to select transaction types seamlessly

  • Single view of your payment transactions in, making long-term decision making simple

  • No minimum or maximum number of transactions

  • PAYM8 is the only South African company to offer this level of payment interoperability

  • PAYM8’s API is compatible with all commercial line-of-business systems

  • Integration of lower value transactions via PAYM8’s micro merchant ezzi2pay channel. This provides a mobile, frictionless payment process that meets regulatory compliance requirements

  • Machine learning data structures will allow consumer payment behavior to be tracked resulting in improved transaction & payment management

Channels include:


Debit pull
(payee driven)

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Micro merchant

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Payee driven
(credit push)

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Make new legislation challenges work for you

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Digital payments

PAYM8 makes the leap from ‘bricks’ to ‘clicks’ friction less and secure.

  • Easy integration with popular channels
  • Customers can transact from both websites and mobile devices
  • Responsive, adaptive, scalable and robust, PAYM8’s solutions intuitively support any business size.
  • Choose from a variety of popular payment options including card- and account-based options.
  • The PAYM8 e-commerce re-direct payment option offers a low-friction integration path for merchants who want to avoid capturing card details on their web pages, due to PCI-DSS restrictions

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Instant payments

With PAYM8’s innovative technology both online and offline businesses can offer a card transaction solution using WhatsApp as a payment channel.

  • PAYM8 ‘s ezzi2pay technology uses the WhatsApp channel to redirect users to a secure POS keypad, allowing them to make card payments via their mobile phones

  • Conforms with globally certified and secure methodology -PCI DSS approved. All the security features inherent in a credit or debit card transaction are integrated into the ezzi2Pay software

  • Credit and debit card

  • Easy initiation – only supply phone number, reference and amount

  • Card details are securely captured and sent to PAYM8 via the mobile phone

  • Can be used for once-off or recurring payments

PAYM8’s Ezzi2pay solution works like this:

Your company sends a client a request for payment via WhatsApp. 

The client receives the message, follows the prompt and clicks to pay. 

A numeric keypad is displayed where the customer can securely enter their credit or debit card number and PIN (if required) on separate screens. 

Your company will then send the customer confirmation that the payment was received.