DebiCheck (Authenticated Collections) was introduced by the South African Reserve Bank to tighten measures against debit order fraud and abuse.

DebiCheck requires electronic authentication of a mandate by the debtor, decreasing the previous practice of the unfairly disputing and reversing of valid debit orders by consumers.

Benefits of DebiCheck

  • Collections allowed in the early processing window (DebiCheck collections happen before all other types of debit order)
  • Reduced dispute rates
  • Automatic Conversion to RMS when a mandate expires
  • Tracking available
  • Account Verification
  • Ability to adjust collection date when required
  • PAYM8 offers direct settlement

Transaction types

Debicheck has 3 transaction types, as well as a variety of authentication methods to ensure your mandates can be authenticated.

TT1 realtime

  • Realtime – requires authentication within 120 seconds
  • Realtime delayed – requires authentication by 8:00pm of the same day

TT2 batch

  • Required authentication within 48 hrs

TT3 realtime

  • Authentication done in real time on a point of sale (POS) device

Authentication methods

The account holder can authenticate the DebiCheck debit order via the following authentication channels:

  • Message on Cell phone (USSD)

  • Banking App

  • Online Banking

  • In-branch Banking

  • ATMs

  • Via Contact Centre

  • POS Device